How Modern Technology Can Save Costs on the Job

From cost savings to increased efficiency, learn how you can leverage technology tools to improve your business.


Theft on the Job Site: Protecting Your Equipment and Materials

Protect your construction site from theft! Learn practical tips to safeguard your equipment and materials, especially during holidays.


The Final 2%: Ensuring a Smooth and Successful Construction Project Closeout

Discover best practices to avoid costly delays, rework, and legal battles as you close out your next project.


Labor Shortages and the Construction Industry: Why Specialized Accounting Matters

There’s a labor shortage, but there are ways to find good help at a reasonable cost. Let’s break them down this week on the podcast.


6 Steps to Start Your Project Off on the Right Foot

You’ve got a new project. Are are you setting yourself up for failure? Let’s talk about the essential items that should be on your checklist.


History’s Blueprints: Lessons for Modern Contractors

They say history repeats itself. It’s true in construction. What can we learn from what happened in the past so it doesn’t repeat itself?


7 Secrets to Building a Successful Construction Company

Why are some contractors more successful than others? Today we’re talking about seven secrets to building a successful construction company.


Project Selection: Anatomy of a Train Wreck

What happens when things go wrong on a job? When they do, what can we learn from it so that we don’t make the same mistakes again?


Construction Marketing: Find and Attract Leads the Easy way

Are you finding all the work you want to do? Does social media help? A marketing expert is here to help us figure it out.

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