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Welcome to our website devoted to providing information and resources for construction projects, with a focus on the unique challenges and nuances of construction joint ventures. Our goal is to assist current and potential partners in understanding and navigating the complexities of working together on construction projects.


Forming a Construction Joint Venture Agreement

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Navigating the Unique Cash Challenges of Construction Joint Ventures

Joint ventures in the construction industry present a number of unique cash considerations for partners to consider.


Cash and Profit Distribution Guidelines in a Construction Joint Venture

When entering into a construction joint venture, it is essential to have clear and detailed guidelines for the use and disbursement of cash and profits.


Managing Retainage Payments in Joint Venture Construction Projects

Proper tracking of retainage payable and total costs is essential for the success of a construction joint venture and should not be overlooked.


Change Order Management in Construction Joint Ventures

Dealing with change orders can present several challenges for a construction contractor, especially in a construction joint venture.


Partnering for Success: How the Mentor-Protege Program Can Help Small Construction Companies Grow

Mentor-Protege program is a valuable resource for small businesses looking to expand and take on larger projects.


Why Written Agreements Matter in Contractor Partnerships

While informal agreements can be less time-consuming and less costly than formal agreements, they can also be less reliable and less enforceable in the event of a dispute.


Navigating the Complexities of Billing in a Construction Joint Venture

Billing in a construction joint venture is a complex and nuanced process that requires careful management, clear communication, and a solid understanding of the responsibilities and costs of each party involved.


Overcoming Construction Bookkeeping Challenges in a Remote World

it’s becoming increasingly important for contractors to embrace new technologies and systems to streamline their bookkeeping process.


Effective Payroll Management for Construction Joint Ventures: Best Practices and Strategies

Payroll management is an essential aspect of any construction joint venture, especially when the joint venture includes partners from different companies.


Types of Bonds a Construction Joint Venture May Need

By understanding and fulfilling the bond requirements for a construction joint venture, partners can ensure that the project is completed successfully and that all partners are fulfilling their obligations.

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