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Welcome to our website devoted to providing information and resources for construction projects, with a focus on the unique challenges and nuances of construction joint ventures. Our goal is to assist current and potential partners in understanding and navigating the complexities of working together on construction projects.


Forming a Construction Joint Venture Agreement

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Understanding the Unique Considerations of Overhead Costs in a Joint Venture

Calculating overhead for a construction company can be difficult, but it becomes even more complex for a construction joint venture


Managing Cash Collections in a Construction Joint Venture: Best Practices and Problem Situations

One of the biggest problems in a construction joint venture is when billing and cash collection are not handled effectively.


How to Ensure Profits Are Split Fairly in a Construction Joint Venture

How can partners ensure that profits are split fairly when one partner controls the accounting?


Twenty Cons of Forming a Construction Joint Venture, Part 2

We hope this will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the potential difficulties in forming a joint venture and help potential partners make more informed decisions.


Twenty Cons of Forming a Construction Joint Venture, Part 1

It’s important to be aware that there are potential cons to forming a construction joint venture.

20 pros of forming a JV -2

Twenty Pros for Considering a Construction Joint Venture, Part 2

Join us as we explore the additional benefits of forming a construction joint venture.


50 questions to ask before starting a joint venture

We’re giving you a list of questions to consider before you start a joint venture and some of the possible answers.

20 pros of forming a JV -1

Twenty Pros for Considering a Construction Joint Venture: Part 1

Let’s discuss 20 pros of starting a construction joint venture, including shared risks and costs, access to specialized expertise, and improved project quality. 

Taking out loans JV

Taking Out Loans in a Construction Joint Venture Name

Let’s discuss the potential risks of taking out loans in the name of a joint venture and ways to mitigate and control this ability to protect the joint venture’s assets and interests.

Managing costs in JV

Managing Costs in a Construction Joint Venture with Partners from Different Trades

When partners in a construction joint venture come from different trades, it can lead to several challenges.

Our website is the result of over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, specifically in working with many different joint ventures. This experience has allowed us to gain valuable insight into the ups and downs of working with partners from different trades and industries.

We understand that construction, in general, can be difficult, but construction joint ventures come with their own set of unique challenges. That's why we've created this website - to provide a one-stop shop for the information and resources essential for a successful construction joint venture. Our website covers not only general construction information, but also offers in-depth coverage on the specifics of joint ventures, such as legal and financial considerations, communication strategies, and project management.

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