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There isn't a business owner out there who hasn't had that year, where the accountant says man, you had a great year, and you're looking around trying to figure out what he's talking about, and where it is.

Profit First means that you've got it and it changes your mindset.


That's probably the simplest and most useful financial tool I have is that each morning I can just pull up my bank account. I can look at that income and see what's changed, what's come in. And then I can make those conscious distributions to each of my different accounts.


Consider doing it if you want to see your business become more profitable. If you're a hungry entrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur, do it in all your businesses. Get this rolling in every single business that you touch and you will see growth.


I created a business to provide me more freedom financially, time to do several things, to help a lot of people, but I always neglected myself.

Now my compensation--even in the first year, 2020 was a downturn for us like it was for a lot of people, I took more in profit than I have most years combined.