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Achieve consistent profitability, financial control, and optimized cash flow.

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Become a permanently profitable construction contractor.

Financial game-changers for contractors.

We help contractors nationwide with remote construction accounting and bookkeeping to ensure they become permanently profitable.

Become a permanently profitable construction contractor.

Financial game-changers for contractors.

We help contractors nationwide with remote construction accounting and bookkeeping to ensure they become permanently profitable.

As a construction contractor, you're the hero shaping the world around us. You shouldn't have to worry about managing complex financial tasks when your focus should be on your projects. That's where we come in.

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Wade, your team's work has been a great help to me. I've relied on you just like you were part of my in-house team to be able to help us with not just the day-to-day work, but different projects that we have going on. We bring you in just like we would my internal team.

Eric Wilkinson

Sandhill Glass Co

What we do


Construction Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for construction with job costing requires special skills. Most accountants were never trained in the unique requirements of construction accounting. We help you build books you can truly use.


Contractor Tax/
CFO Services

Construction tax law has many unique rules that most CPAs don't know, from specialized tax planning to multiple state taxation and licensing. We work to ensure you pay no more than is legally required.



Payroll for construction also has several unique needs, from certified payroll reports and workers comp reporting to job costing labor and labor burden. We help you manage and control this key part of your business.

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We're not your average beancounters.

We're a business management consulting firm specializing in the construction accounting industry. We help contractors nationwide who are struggling to take home what they deserve to clarify how they control cash so that they can build a consistently profitable business.

How it started

Specializing in the construction accounting industry was a natural decision for founder Wade Carpenter, CPA, CGMA, after 30 years in public accounting working with businesses from the smallest mom-and-pop companies to multi-billion dollar international firms.

Wade specializes in this industry because he recognized that construction business owners need help in many areas that generalized CPAs don’t know and can’t handle. Construction accounting, finance, and management have many challenges and issues that most other industries don’t see, but we know well.

Contractor Success Forum Podcast

Wade and his team stood by us every single step of the way in implementing Profit First. I can't thank them enough for walking with us hand-in-hand step-by-step, making sure we had it right, and then keeping it going.

Lincoln Parks


Carpenter & Company, CPAs, PC Leadership Team

Your Team of Construction CPA Specialists


Wade Carpenter,


Wade has over 30 years of experience in public accounting, working with contractors from the smallest mom-and-pop companies to multi-billion dollar international firms. Wade excels at helping contractors achieve permanent profitability in their businesses.


Lisa Murray, Client Services Director

Construction Payroll Specialist

Lisa joined Carpenter & Company in 2009 and has worked with several contractors over the years. While being responsible for overall client services, Lisa’s specialty is in construction payroll services. 


Amanda Denton, Construction Lead Accountant

Construction Accounting/ Accounts Receivable Specialist

Amanda specializes in payment applications and receivables, including proper retainage receivable classification. She's also our go-to person for construction estimate accounting, change orders, and full-charge general ledger systems.  


Lorie Palmer, Contractor Accountant

Construction Payables/Systems Specialist

Lorie is a specialist in construction back-end systems and workflow. She specializes in particular on the payments and accounts payable side, making sure costs are properly allocated to jobs and payables are maintained for proper cash flow planning. 


Lauren Webb, Communications Director

Contractor Documentation/ Communication Specialist

Lauren streamlines the communication and document control process and prevents our clients from working all day in the field only to come home and do paperwork at night. She knows that successful contractor implementation requires clear lines of communication and she coordinates that flow for maximum efficiency.


Josh Menzel, Construction IT Director

Contractor Backend Systems Development Specialist

Josh not only helps develop custom back-office systems, but is instrumental in ensuring transaction processing systems are maintained to ensure that we always provide timely reporting to our clients that we are so privileged to serve.

It is hard to come by people that you can trust whole-heartedly. Wade and his staff are these types of people. I couldn't ask for a better group to provide me guidance and support in growing this business that my husband and I have been blessed with. I am beyond thankful for the ability to be able to call them whenever I need assistance and they are quick to my aide, no matter what the task.

Courtney Frey, President





I’ve worked closely with Carpenter & Company, CPAs, PC for over 15 years.  The advice and support I’ve received through the years, has been invaluable. I often phone Wade to bounce ideas off of him and for his sound financial advice.  I trust Wade and his team of professionals!  They have proven themselves to be thorough and ethical business advisors. 

Jim Davis



Brian Yates

Carpenter & Company has a motivated and trusted team of dedicated professionals.  They have helped advise us through business growth challenges with improved forecasting and planning.

Brian Yates



David Arrington

As a business owner. I’ve trusted Carpenter & Company to streamline my company. Help keep me organized, motivated and informed.

David Arrington


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