Profit First for Construction Contractors

Thurs. March 24th at 2PM

  • Changing your financial game to take home more
  • Structure your cash flow in a simple system that ensures permanent profitability
  • What a tube of toothpaste can teach you about cash flow
  • Stop the endless cycle of borrowing from the next job to pay for the last job
  • Create a system that provides capital to grow
  • How your Thanksgiving turkey can get you out of the vicious cash flow cycle
  • Understand how a trip to the beach can help you manage cash flow
  • What we can learn from grandma’s old blue coffee cans to run our business
  • Why eating your veggies first can make your business run better
  • How shooting free throws in basketball can teach you how to run a better business
  • Leveraging chocolate chip cookies to hold on to more of what you earn
  • Understand how a million dollar pen can help with cash flow
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